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31080 Union City Blvd., #109, Union City, CA

Prenatal Yoga Classes

WED, 7:30 PM

  TUES, 4:30 PM

 SAT, 10:30 AM

5 classes                                 $67.00

Ongoing Classes

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Are you ready to feel better right now? We specialize in teaching yoga to people with limited mobility, stress related issues, including prenatal yoga classes. With 16 years of experience through Kaiser Permanente Hospitals in the Tri-City area, Anandi is a master at accommodating and embracing all who attend her classes.

Yoga for Wellness

Extra Gentle Yoga

Products to Support

Gentle Yoga DVD

For limited mobility  this class uses chairs and pillows to modify postures so anyone can do them. Includes full instruction in the first chapter on how to use the pillows and has audio only when class is memorized. 65 min.



Gala Event Hall,

37270 Niles Blvd, Fremont, CA

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"When you take a yoga class from Anandi, you are hooked for life....she is always mindful of the physical limitations of her students and encourages a safe pace."  Angela P.

WED, 4:15 PM

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Pranic Healing*

Would you like to go deeper into the Chakras (energy centers in the body),and clean them out to heal specific issues or to feel a re-set in your energy, removing emotional junk? Pranic healing is a non-touch healing modality using the life-force (prana), to restore and heal the body and mind. Anandi uses specific protocols to leave you feeling relaxed, restored, and relieved.Try it and feel an emotional and physical re-boot.



4 Classes


WED, 6:00 PM

One Year *

(*once a week)


TUES, 7:30 PM

 SAT, 9:00 AM

Prenatal Yoga Expanded

Hatha Yoga DVD

This basic yoga sequence covers all the foundational postures as well as breathing practices, guided relaxation and meditation. Full instruction included and an audio only option when the class is memorized. 65 min.


" I started gentle yoga about a year and a half ago with Anandi. I am wheel chair bound....and I have seen major changes in my mobility...she has a welcoming and friendly personality and makes everyone feel at ease."  Karen T.

 TUES, 6:15 PM

 SAT, 12:15 PM

"To say that prenatal yoga has helped me would be an 'understatement...Anandis instruction helped me relax my body and go through contractions easily.. I regained my strength eight hours after delivery, and became active within the first 2 weeks.."  Danielle D.

Employee Wellness Yoga

Would you like to increase productivity, moral, and internal relationships at your workplace?  Office and employee yoga helps reduce stress in the workplace, increasing productivity,  as well as customer and internal relationships. It also reduces injuries while promoting wellness all due to beneficial balancing effects of Yoga.Contact Anandi for more info and let's get started !

I also instruct classes in Spanish. Hablo Espanol.

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