Support any Yoga pose with this versatile, lightweight pillow. Great for back, joint, and neck issues, it rolls, folds and ties and can be used for prenatal comfort, yoga , computer chair, driving or sleeping. Available in 16", 19", and 21"measured from the neck down to the lower back for optimal support. 100% cotton and washable cover.

The YogaRollTM by AlycelifeTM


Supplement coming to class with a 65 minute DVD with full instruction. The Level 1 is a basic yoga class for all- around benefit and includes, breathing , guided relaxation and meditation.


All pillows locally and lovingly stitched by Coco @ Shakedown, Guernville.

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This 65 minute Gentle Yoga DVD also has full instruction for those who may need a chair or more support in the poses.It's easy to follow and is also a way to practice more often. Includes breathing , guided relaxation, and meditation.

The Alyce LifeTM Mini

This is lighter support for knees, neck or back.. Soft with medium firmness, and easy to carry..

"I started using this pillow for Yoga, and it has truly been a life-changer. It has been such good support for my knees and helps keep them in shape while I do multiple Yoga poses. I definitely recommend the Alyce LifeTM pillow for anyone with arthritis or any knee pain."

Preeti P.