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Prenatal Yoga Expanded

This empowering prenatal yoga class serves to support you from beginning to end by creating a support-like atmosphere and community within each class. We give you pain management skills, discussion, and resources to develop strength, flexibility and prepare you for labor, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We invite partners for one class to educate them on labor coaching and to have some fun doing partner poses .

Extra Gentle Yoga (yoga for health issues)

This extra gentle environment accommodates any physical limitation or health issue that restricts movement so that a regular yoga class would not be appropriate. We customize the experience by using chairs, pillows, and towels to modify positions  Start feeling better now!

Whole Body Yoga

This class is a general yoga class based on the Integral Yoga style.It offers to those with general good health and mobility to maintain strength and flexibility, and to de-stress from life. Slight modifications may be needed and includes breathing ,guided relaxation and meditation to give you a deep, calming experience.